People and the Planet

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For People

Nuvoglas exists to make a significant community impact.  The current partnership with Isaac’s Room, the non-profit serving displaced youth in Salem, Oregon, is one way that we are realizing this goal.  We believe that creativity, making, and manufacture empower the hands that redeem every bottle that passes through NuvoGlas. Transformation happens not only to the bottles, but through the bottles.

In the short term, NuvoGlas continues to support  the youth of Isaac’s Room.  Every purchase of NuvoGlas products directly benefits these incredible youth.  10% of every sale is donated to Isaac’s Room.  In the long-term, the NuvoGlas-IKE partnership will continue. We will also build on the relationships that have been established with other like-minded programs serving people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We believe that lasting social change through short-term and long-term vocation training is a real possibility.  Through creatively reusing discarded objects, NuvoGlas strives to offer a platform for empowering the marginalized.

For the Planet

Consumption has its cost.  The excess waste caused by our disposable society fills our landfills to the point of overflowing.  In the US, this excess is so great, other countries are paid to receive this overflow.  Even though much of what lies buried under this mountain of trash could be recycled or creatively reused, the problem still grows.

The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) have become such a common saying that they are almost cliche and the meaning gets lost. Generally, they are framed in a conversation focusing on recycling (which NuvoGlas wholeheartedly supports, by the way.) However, the second “R,” reuse, may hold the key to a powerful resistance to our waste.  Upcycling has become an increasingly common term in the English language.  Simply trying a hashtag on the subject (#upcycle, #repurpose, #reuse) reveals a movement of people concerned enough about the world we live in to do something about it. We at NuvoGlas want to do our part in leading this movement by creating high quality products with an artistic flair.




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